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UniteAdvisors.com Website Refresh

The UniteAdvisors.com Website Refresh project revolved around enhancing the design and functionality of the client's existing website, with the aim of imbuing it with a more contemporary and professional appearance. Our mission was to create a website that not only showcased modern aesthetics but also offered longevity and expandability for future growth.


Our approach to this project involved a comprehensive redesign that introduced subtle yet impactful design enhancements, providing a sleek and modern facelift. We intensified the color scheme and contrast to convey a sense of professionalism and gravitas, aligning the website with the client's stature. Furthermore, our UX decisions were rooted in competitor research, where we dissected the strengths and weaknesses of competing coaching practices. Leveraging our knowledge of UX best practices, we honed in on creating conversion-focused pages that funneled potential leads toward contact forms.


The revamped design injected fresh vitality into the website, elevating its visual appeal while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. We fine-tuned the color palette and contrast to lend an air of professionalism and prestige. Drawing from competitor research, we incorporated UX enhancements that aligned with the industry's best practices. Each page was meticulously crafted to optimize conversions, guiding prospective clients toward contact forms with ease. Additionally, our content strategy extended to optimizing the client's content for organic SEO, boosting their online visibility. To enhance the website's value, we implemented cross-promotion of their meeting space, creating a holistic digital experience for visitors.