Ratio CPA

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Ratio CPA’s New Services Landing Page

Ratio CPA, a CPA firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializes in providing comprehensive financial services tailored for high-wealth individuals and business owners. To align their online presence with their reputation, we embarked on a project to enhance their landing page, harnessing the power of WordPress, their preferred content management system.

Our mission was to create a new landing page, expanding on the current site design, and introducing focal areas. We also focused on enriching the user experience with engaging visuals. A dynamic hero section took center stage, designed to drive conversions. Crafting a robust content strategy played a pivotal role, enhancing search engine optimization and guiding potential clients to navigate toward service-specific pages, facilitating conversions. The addition of FAQs not only bolstered organic SEO but also provided valuable insights into Ratio CPA's business, aiding in the identification of qualified leads. We also revamped the footer, incorporating a newsletter signup and optimizing content organization. The inclusion of the address further bolstered local SEO efforts.


The design transformation aimed to create a cohesive and captivating online presence for Ratio CPA. By focusing on user engagement and strategic content placement, we ensured that their landing page was not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversions. The inclusion of a dynamic hero section immediately drew visitors in, guiding them toward conversion points. Our content strategy bolstered SEO efforts while providing valuable information for users. The addition of FAQs enriched the page's content and user experience. A revamped footer, with a newsletter signup and address, added further value by enhancing content organization and local SEO visibility.