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Endow1 Landing Page Design

Endow1, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for charitable causes through engaging contests that offer donors prizes and experiences, enlisted our expertise for a transformative project. The primary objective was to design a HubSpot landing page that not only resonated with their new brand identity but also spoke directly to their target audience—sports enthusiasts passionate about supporting charitable organizations.


Our collaboration with Endow1 was anchored in creating a visually striking landing page that captured the essence of their mission. To ensure an optimal user experience and take full advantage of HubSpot's capabilities, we designed and developed the landing page within the HubSpot ecosystem. This integration seamlessly integrated with a fundraising platform while enabling the generation of contacts for future campaign notifications. A key focus of our design was simplifying the donation process, seamlessly incorporating FundraiseUp's integration to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience that harmonized with the overall landing page aesthetics.


Endow1's landing page design was crafted to be both engaging and visually appealing, aligned with their vibrant new brand identity. Fun and bright, the design incorporated illustrations and imagery that conveyed not only the excitement of the experience but also the philanthropic cause donors were supporting. By harnessing the full potential of HubSpot's CMS Hub and Marketing Hub, we ensured seamless integration with the fundraising platform and optimized contact management for future campaigns. The inclusion of FundraiseUp's integration streamlined the donation process, reflecting our commitment to making giving easy and intuitive within the landing page design.