4 Key Benefits of Hubspot for Startups 

Matthew Deal

Adopting Hubspot might be a smart move for startups.

From handling marketing to sales, customer service to operations, to securing funding and producing your product— running a startup can be overwhelming. Working with businesses all over with their inbound marketing processes and doing the production work for my own business, I’m well aware how difficult it can be. That’s one of the main reasons I work with Hubspot so much, because it is flexible enough to work with the businesses I work with and for handling my own business. 

That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered that Hubspot had made an offering specifically for startups.

As a Hubspot Gold Partner, I’m excited to be able to work with businesses using this offering to truly get the most out of this platform. That’s why I also wanted to create a guide on some of the key benefits of using Hubspot for Startups and how it can be used by small businesses to grow. 

Here’s some key reasons to consider Hubspot for Startups:

1. Leverage Powerful Software Solutions 

With Hubspot for Startups, your business can have access to a variety of sales tools that all work together including:

  • Sales Hub- Sales software that connects all your data and tools in a flexible, easy-to-use platform. From tracking leads to automated outreach, to visibility of deals at every stage, the platform allows you to close more deals without worrying about using tons of integrations or separate tools.
  • Marketing Hub- A CRM-powered marketing platform in which you can attract and convert more leads. Leveraging the power of the marketing funnel, while looping in your sales team, you can quickly create landing pages and emails easily. In addition with automation tools and comprehensive reports, you can provide a personalized experience to your customers at scale.
  • Service Hub- Utilize a customer service platform that brings in all of your data and support channels in one place. That way you can resolve customer issues in real time, give the entire team access to every support conversation, and provide knowledge-base content for your customers. In addition, you can automatically track customer details and interactions within a unified CRM, which allows you to fully serve your customers while providing the team the resources they need.

Hubspot can act as a single “source of truth” for your organization'.

With all of these hubs working together in your startup’s Hubspot account, you can truly streamline the way you run your business. When your team can work together in one platform and customize processes for your unique needs, you can have the foundation to grow. 

2. Utilize Key Integrations 

Chances are, you’re probably using a variety of integrations to help run the sales, operations, and marketing functions for your business. When you choose Hubspot for Startups, you don’t actually have to lose a lot of those integrations, but can actually implement them into the platform. Hubspot has over 1,030 integrations already included such as Spripe, Segment, Zoom, Zapier, and MailChimp.

Hubspot’s App Marketplace lets you tap into multiple integrations across your sales, marketing, and customer service stack.

Now with these tools in one location, you can truly collaborate with your team across marketing, sales, operations, and more to work smarter, not harder. In addition, if you run into any issues with integrations or bringing data over from another platform, Hubspot offers 24/7 customer support and extensive onboarding to help with the process.

3. Receive the Training and Resources You Need

Hubspot also has an in-depth knowledge base and training materials on all of the resources they offer. From email marketing to sales, the community gives you access to master classes, templates, and kits to help you really leverage everything the platform has to offer. Whether you’re part of Hubspot or not, the site has a lot of great resources including: 

In particular, my team is a big fan of Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report, which provides resources on trends in marketing and various platforms people are using to buy online. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, by offering so many tools and resources, the platform truly opens up possibilities for startups. 

In addition, with in-app support, weekly webinars, and all the resources on Hubspot’s blog, you can truly find the resources you need to grow. 

4. Work with the Experienced Hubspot Partner Community

Hubspot also has a whole team of Partners ready to work with businesses using the platform. This can truly help you grow with Hubspot because when you partner with a Hubspot expert, you’re partnering with someone that truly knows the platform, can provide key benefits, and can help you grow. We believe in the power of partnerships when it comes to HubSpot. Choosing a HubSpot Solutions Partner for your consulting needs means creating a relationship with a team who understands you, your business, and how you can grow.

A Hubspot Partner can assist you in making smart purchasing decisions early in your organization lifecycle.

Our record and client experience as a HubSpot Partner and HubSpot consulting agency speaks for itself. With countless 5-star reviews on Hubspot.com and Upwork.com, Matthew Deal is the premier HubSpot Partner in North Carolina for a simple reason: we care and invest in long-term partnerships and treat your business as if it were our own. To us, our role is to accommodate and guide you to the outcomes you desire and need for your organization to thrive. Through assistance with technical minutiae needed for the most basic of operations in Hubspot, to pie-in-the-sky creative strategy, we’re always ready to help. 

Though we're not the only partner on the Hubspot website, you can find information about partners and the resources they can help with on the Hubspot Partner Directory.

Ready to Try Hubspot with Your Startup?

Of course, this is just an overview of some of the benefits of trying Hubspot for Startups. If you would like to talk about exploring Hubspot further for your startup, we’d be happy to talk to you all about the platform. As a Hubspot Gold Partner, we can help you tailor, adjust, and guide you towards a better HubSpot. Whether you’re managing a complex sales cycle or getting started with demand generation for the first time—our expert consulting and marketing team is a natural extension of your business.


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