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AI-Enhanced SEO: Transforming Coworks' Digital Presence

Matthew Deal


Raleigh-based Coworks faced a pivotal challenge: the potential reach of even the highest-caliber organic content related to their product was not a powerful enough engine for sustainable revenue. Like many growing businesses across the country, Coworks is a dynamic SaaS serving a niche industry—Coworks provides coworking space management software to physical coworking and flex office spaces. 

Fortunately, the team at Coworks quickly recognized the need for specialized expertise and strategic guidance in search engine optimization (SEO), and thus decided to partner with Vaulted, a marketing agency that brings together the power of HubSpot tools and the innovation of creative problem solving processes. Using the HubSpot CRM platform, Vaulted collaborated with Coworks to meaningfully infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into their SEO strategy, successfully rejuvenating their digital engagement. 

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Challenge: Navigating Through Stagnant Traffic

As a brand, Coworks has established a clear online presence, with a thoughtfully designed website and supporting assets forming a strong foundation for marketing. Despite this, the company faced a clear challenge when it came to standing out in the rapidly changing SEO environment. 

Matthew Deal from Vaulted highlighted the urgency of this adaptation, explaining, “As the SEO landscape evolves, particularly with major updates like Google's 2023 Broad Core Algorithm Update, it's crucial to innovate. Our objective was to enhance Coworks' content output effectively using AI, balancing quality with quantity.”

Strategy: Leveraging AI for Optimized Content Strategy

Vaulted curated a custom strategy that focused on utilizing AI to analyze and restructure the existing blog content, aligning it with the latest SEO trends. This approach aimed at revitalizing the existing content and additionally guided the creation of new, SEO-optimized material. 

“Coworks had already established a prominent online voice. Our aim was to amplify this through strategic content restructuring, maximizing both traffic volume and relevance,” said Deal.

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Implementation: Synergy of AI and Industry Expertise

The implementation of this strategy was a collaborative effort, blending Coworks’ deep understanding of their industry with Vaulted's expertise in HubSpot, AI, and SEO. The process involved utilizing AI for a detailed analysis of Coworks' existing content, identifying key areas for improvement, and creating strategic topic clusters. 

This not only streamlined Coworks' content but also enhanced its overall impact and reach. “Our collaboration with Vaulted introduced an innovative approach to our content strategy. Their expertise in AI-driven content analysis and topic clustering brought a new level of sophistication to our SEO efforts,” Coworks Chief Marketing Officer Lauren Walker stated.

Expanding the Implementation Detail

In order to execute the detailed strategy, Vaulted worked hand-in-hand with the team at Coworks for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

First, a comprehensive audit of Coworks’ existing content was conducted using ChatGPT. This audit identified underperforming content and opportunities for optimization. 

The next step involved developing a series of new topic clusters, each designed to capture a specific segment of Coworks’ target market. This segmentation allowed for more focused and effective content, tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of different user groups.

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Results: Comprehensive Analysis of Growth

In examining the results of this partnership, several key metrics stood out:

Revenue Growth

The direct economic impact was evident in the 35% increase in revenue. This growth demonstrated the strategy’s effectiveness in attracting traffic and converting it into tangible business success.

Organic Traffic Resurgence

The year-over-year increase of 37% in organic traffic was a testament to the effectiveness of the AI-enhanced content strategy. This surge in traffic showed the increased online visibility and the successful alignment of content with user search behaviors and preferences.

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Lead Generation Efficiency

The increase in lead generation was particularly significant, with a 26% boost in leads from organic traffic. This increase was indicative of the higher quality and relevance of the traffic being attracted, leading to more effective lead conversion.

Enhanced Search Performance

The improvements in search performance, as evidenced by a 54% rise in clicks and a 65% surge in impressions over a six-month period, highlighted Coworks' strengthened digital footprint. These metrics not only indicated an increase in the quantity of traffic but also an improvement in the quality of engagement, with more users interacting with Coworks’ content.

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Future Outlook: Commitment to Innovation and Adaptation

Coworks continues to prioritize innovation and adaptation in its digital marketing strategy. The company is dedicated to further leveraging AI and data-driven approaches to stay ahead in the competitive SaaS market. 

Future plans include expanding the use of AI for more sophisticated market analysis, content personalization, and enhancing user experience on their platform. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Coworks remains agile and responsive to the ever-changing digital landscape, solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

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Conclusion: Redefining the Paradigm of SEO in the SaaS Industry

The collaboration between Vaulted and Coworks exemplifies a successful integration of AI into SEO strategy. This case study illustrates the effectiveness of a well-executed digital marketing plan and also sets a new benchmark for how SaaS companies can utilize the latest digital marketing approaches. It underscores the importance of embracing technological advancements and demonstrates how strategic partnerships can lead to significant improvements in traffic, lead generation, and revenue. 

Coworks' story is a compelling example of how adopting innovative approaches in SEO can transform a company's digital trajectory. To learn how Vaulted can do this for your organization, get in touch today.

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